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The latest Windows 10 operating system is arguably the most significant and feature-laden version of Microsoft Windows ever. But possibly it’s most important feature is that Windows 10 is an ‘operating system which offers service,’ and continues to receive ongoing updates for enhancing its functions and features. In case you are experiencing any sort of issue in using the new flashy features, then contacting Windows 10 customer technical support for help on Windows 10 new features is the best option  to solve Windows 10 issues instantly.

The next major update to Windows 10 known as Anniversary Update or Redstone was announced at Microsoft’s Build developer conference earlier this year, and is scheduled to be released in mid-2016. The Anniversary update will bring a lot of innovative and stimulating features to Windows 10. Below is a list of top 10 Windows 10 Flashy New Features.

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A PDF Printer

Windows 10 has offered a unique built-in way to print a document to a file to its users. With Windows 10, you will find a “Microsoft Print to PDF” printer installed option to print a document to PDF from anywhere in Windows, all without installing third-party software in your computer.

Fetch files using one drive

One Drive website is one of the eye-catching features introduced in Windows 10 operating system. This feature helps to “fetch a file” from anywhere. If your computer is running and you want to access a file from it by this feature, you can do it smoothly.

Game and screen recording features

Windows 10 OS includes a “Game DVR” feature along with a “Game Bar” for activating it. Settings for this feature are available in the Xbox application also, and it’s designed to capture videos of PC games while you play them.

Timed Screenshots in the Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is one of the built-in screenshot tools on Windows. This permits you to start a timer and has the screenshot taken one to five seconds later.

Keyboard Shortcuts in the Command Prompt

The Command Prompt gained a number of helpful features in Windows 10, including support for keyboard shortcuts, like Ctrl+V to paste.

Native Touchpad Settings

The native touchpad feature helps you to access and configure in manufacturer-specific touchpad configuration tools.

Scrolling of Background Apps

Windows 10 adds a “Scroll inactive Windows” feature to make your job easy. The cursor will scroll whatever it’s hanging over. Apple Mac OS X has this feature enabled by default, too.

Better Monitor Scaling

After Windows users have used smartphones, tablets, and even Mac laptops get high-density displays. These features are finally arriving on new Windows 10 OS also.

Sideloading Apps

You can install universal applications from outside the app store too. In Windows 8, you can get traditional desktop applications from anywhere without enabling sideloading.

Quick Access in File Explorer

This is clearly intended to help less-experienced users to find their significant files faster on their computer system. This feature eliminates the frustration of users for searching the file system for a single file.

If you haven’t yet upgraded to Windows 10 operating system, you can do so free of cost. For more information regarding these new and improved features, you can simply contact a third party technical support offering company and get instant solutions.

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