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With the latest news, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would be free for all its Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users within the first year of Windows 10’s OS launch. This is tremendous news, as it means there’s no reason for users running the older operating systems to upgrade with the latest operating system. However, it seems there is some uncertainty in the users that the users who already upgraded will need to pay after that year.

Gabe Aul Corporate Vice President of Engineering Systems Team on Twitter has affirmed that those who update to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 will get Windows 10 for the lifetime of their device, meaning they don’t need to pay yearly or monthly fee subscription after the first year. By this verified news, everyone can settle down and look forward to an update to Windows 10.

Windows 10 OS will run on all devices, including PC, phone, Xbox, tablet, and big screen displays, due to its user-friendly development. Microsoft also unveiled a number of new and innovative OS features, including Cortana, Spartan, and more, which will be accessible to Windows Insiders over this year. You can get Windows 10 tech support on devices running on Microsoft Windows 10 in an easy manner and can instant solutions related to your all Windows issues.

“This is so much more … than a free one-time upgrade,” said Terry Myerson, who leads the operating systems group, in January while announcing the unprecedented free offer. “Once a device is upgraded to Windows 10, we will be keeping it current for the supported lifetime of the device,” he added.

Myerson further added that the phrase to security in a blog post “And Windows 10 provides the most secure platform ever, including Windows Defender for free anti-malware protection, and being the only platform with a commitment to deliver free ongoing security updates for the supported lifetime of the device [emphasis added].”

Microsoft illustrates Windows 10 operating system as a much better place than Windows 7, but that’s controversial. As Windows 7 users are not in any danger than those on Windows 10, provided they are reasonable and have well-managed security software installed with all printers and new games installed in it. For any type of assistance, you can get quality support from a reliable third party technical support providing company that offers you optimized solutions. You can also dial support phone number for Windows 10 issues and get instant solutions effortlessly.

Microsoft knows that the forceful upgrade is annoying some people with its aggressive Windows 10 push, but it doesn’t really mind. There is an abundance of users who don’t want to upgrade because they are absolutely happy where they are, or because they don’t like what Windows 10 has to proffer them.

External Link: https://goo.gl/ooWzAI | http://tinyurl.com/ybu42z7n | http://ow.ly/F4aP30dUUHg | http://bit.do/dCKcj

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